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The Breasts

  • A Cry for Help - More Common for Women, but can be a Problem in Men
  • Celebration of, and Fear of, Feminity
  • Need to Protect and Be Protected
  • Relationship with the Mother
  • Need for Emotional Security and Stability
  • Real or Imagined Loneliness
  • Betrayal, Breakups and Difficult Transitions
  • Unfulfilled Wish to Have a Child
  • Feelings of Guilt and Failure
  • Submission, Shyness and Fatalism
  • Difficulty Finding Her Place - What or Who to Be
  • Wanting to Look Like and Icon
  • Superficial Serenity

Physical Care

Get regular breast exams and do breast massage. Do not wear bras that are too tight. Exercise regularly. Stretch the thorax and arms; the breasts are organs which tend to get congested and sag. Strengthen your chest muscles; the breasts need to be carried by a chest that holds itself upright and is flexible.

Nutritional Care

Eat fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, e.g. broccoli. string beans, peas, leek, bananas, dates, coconut, raspberries, watermelon, and prunes. These foods can temper the production of estrogen, which in excess causes pain in the breasts. Also foods containing omega-3 natural oils, e.g. flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon, and shrimp. Learn about birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. Excess estrogens impede proper excretion of bile, and the liver will have trouble eliminating foods that typically overburden it, such as chocolate, alcohol, cream, cold cuts, fried iols, and cheese.

Psuchological Care

Accept, celebrate and show your femininity. The breasts and the pelvis are the visible elements of femininity. Feel beautiful, carry yourself well and be proud of your femininity.

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